Dreams cease to be dreams when they leave the mind and take form. As a young girl I was always creating, always putting my imagination and hands to work. I fell in love very young and got married at the age of eighteen. Hopelessly in love, I still needed to find a way to pay the bills. Life seemed to be passing by rather quickly, and still I didn't know what profession I wanted to take on... until I started working for a small sign company. The owners saw the potential in me and decided to invest in my training to be their Graphic Designer. From then on, I knew it’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I wanted more. I craved something that would push my creativity to the next level. My older sister got engaged and I offered to do her wedding invitations. Immediately I had fallen in love with wedding stationery; its delicacy and details, something thought to be of the past, something so special. Finally a project that would put my crafty hands to work and bring my romantic tendencies to life. It took 3 years of dreaming and planning, but February 26, 2019, my dream, Oak Design & Stationery, ceased to be a dream and took form.


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